The P-CEP Choir Program includes 12 performance ensembles, 7 distinct vocal music course offerings and over 300 student members. The P-CEP Choir Program is a member of District 12 of the Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) and serves students at all three high schools at the Park. The P-CEP Choirs are housed in room 1400 of Salem High School.

The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park campus is located in Canton, Michigan and is the educational home to over 6,000 students in grades 9 through 12. Three distinct high schools comprise the Park, they are: Plymouth High School, Salem High School and Canton High School.

The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Choirs are under the direction of Director, of Choirs Jennifer L. Neumann and Associate Director of Choirs, Valerie I. Said.




Click on the link below to join the P-CEP Choirs' SJ5K Team. Go to "Join a team" and type "P-CEP Choirs." The password is sing 


8th Grade Auditions 

If you are an incoming freshmen looking to audition for Choir next year, we will be holding on auditions on Saturday, May 16th from 8:00am - 12:00pm. Students who are only interested in being in Park Singers or Parksmen do not need to audition. Please click on the link below to sign-up for a time slot.  

The P-CEP Choir Motto : "Forever let my spirit sing"